About Us

BATC is a unique coin, Our ICO is geared at equity investment in our environmentally conscious start-up entrepreneurs, the financial returns made from successful investments will be equally split between re-investment in further identified entrepreneurs and a dividend pay-out to BATC holders. The allocated dividend will be divided equally into the BATC in circulation at time of allocation and transferred to the BATC holders wallet in the currency of BATC.

BitsApp Token Coin (BATC)

BitsApp Token Coin (BATC) is investing in the startup entrepreneur dream

For the Crypto investor, BitsApp is the next generation South African Crypto exchange, where you can trade the most recognised crypto coins (BTC, ETH, LTC) saving up to 50% of fees through BitsApp Coin (BATC).


BitsApp is a first of its kind Crypto exchange, which offers you more than the ability to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies, with BTC (Bitcoin) ATM’s, Cards, and Security not yet seen in the industry backed up with Fidelity and Cyber insurance cover, by leading insurance providers and Audited on a quarterly basis by parties registered with SAICA


Startup Entrepreneurs

BitsApp Token Coin (BATC) is investing in the startup entrepreneur dream. Recognizing blockchain technology and the need for optimization of startup concept and equity investing for entrepreneurs. Our focus will be to enable and ensure that Entrepreneurial Startup’s with the environment in mind, have the required funding, and guidance to achieve their goals, ultimately aiding the South African economy.